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Updated 3/1/2019
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Please click on one of the categories listed below, which will take you to the Sale Page for the Barbie Doll that you are looking for. Ordering information is at the bottom of each page.
CELEBRITY, HOLLYWOOOD, MOVIE, and TV SHOW THEME BARBIES Includes Celebrity Barbies and Kens of Famous Actors, Singers, Movies, Television Shows, and many more!
CHRISTMAS, and WINTER THEME BARBIES Includes Happy Holidays, Christmas Collector Series, and Grocery/Drug Store Exclusive Barbie Dolls
DISNEY, FAIRYTALE, and CHILDREN'S STORY BOOK SERIES BARBIES Includes Walt Disney World, Disney Series, Curious George, Fountain Mermaid, Hansel and Gretel, plus many more!
DOLLS OF THE WORLD SERIES BARBIES Includes Barbie Dolls of many different Countries
EASTER, and SPRING TIME THEME BARBIES Includes various Easter, and Colorful Spring Time Barbies
GENERATION GIRL SERIES, with other HIP/COOL BARBIES Includes Generation Girl Series: Barbie Dolls along with some very Fashionable, Hip, and Cool Barbies
HALLOWEEN BARBIE, KEN, and KELLY DOLLS Includes Target Exclusive Halloween Barbie, Ken, and Kelly Dolls
NASCAR and MOTOR SPORTS BARBIES Includes the Ferrari Barbie, and NASCAR Barbies
REPRODUCTIONS, GLAMOUROUS MATTEL SERIES, AND OTHER DEPARTMENT STORE SERIES BARBIES Includes Anniversary, Nostalgic, Great Fashion, Fao Schwarz, Toys R US Series Barbies, plus many more!!
SPORTS, and OLYMPIC GAMES BARBIES Includes Baseball, Basketball, and the Olympic Games Barbies
SCHOOL THEME BARBIES Includes Barbies representing School themes
SUMMER THEME BARBIES Includes Barbeque Bash, Florida Teresa, Ice Cream, Pretty Picnic, and other Summer Theme Barbie Dolls
VALENTINES DAY, WEDDING DAY, and LOVE THEME BARBIES Includes Department Store Exclusive Valentine, Various Wedding Theme, and Love Theme Barbie Dolls
BARBIE ORNAMENTS, and TEDDY BEARS Includes Hallmark Series Ornaments
Other Barbie® Items and other Collectibles.
For Starting Lineup Figures and
other Collectables
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*All dolls are blonde unless otherwise noted.
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