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USA Customers:

Email me at: info@rbdolls.com or call me at: 410-562-7540 to verify doll availability before making payment:
(Unless you are making a purchase through our Shopping Cart with a quantity of one of each type of doll. Please contact us for availability if you are purchasing more than one of a certain type of doll: i.e. 2 or more 1998 Happy Holidays Barbies through our Shopping Cart).

Please call 410-562-7540 to place your order between 9:00AM to 9:00PM (Central Daylight Time) Monday through Saturday. On Sunday 10:00AM to 9:00PM (CDT).

Orders placed by Credit Card via our Paypal Shopping Cart, or through Paypal directly will be shipped out to you the NEXT DAY by USPS Priority Mail or by UPS.

We currently only accept Credit Card orders via: Pay Pal or through our Paypal Shopping Cart.

For Purchases made via our Paypal Shopping Cart:
Attention customers! If you will be purchasing a quantity of more than one of a particular type of Barbie Doll using the Shopping Cart, please contact me via Email or Phone to see if I have the available quantity of that doll in stock before you make a purchase via the shopping cart.

Tennessee residents please add the 7% state sales tax for orders shipped within the state of Tennessee.

For payment by Personal Check or Money Order:
Send check or money order to:
Robin O'Hara 
PO BOX 1671
Shipping Information:

Postage in the USA is $7 for one doll; $3 for each additional doll

All orders are shipped FIRST CLASS (Priority Mail) or by UPS, and are INSURED.

Please Contact me via email for International Shipping Rates and Ordering Information.

International Customer Credit Card Orders:     Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
International Customers may place Visa or Master Card orders using: Pay Pal.
To make a purchase using Paypal, please send us an email to let us know which dolls you are interested in purchasing. We will weigh the dolls for shipping for both Surface Mail, and Air Mail Shipping. We will then report those shipping figures to you.

Once you decide which method of shipping you would like to use, you need to go to Paypal's Home Page. Once you are at the Paypal home page, click on the "Sign Up" Hypertext at the top right hand corner of the page, and then follow the instructions for opening up an account. Once you have received confirmation that your account has been open. You may click on the "Send Money" Tab on the top of the page. Please send your payment too: rbdolls@rbdolls.com

Also, please provide the complete shipping address that you would like the doll or dolls shipped too.

For payment by International Money Order:
We also accept payment for orders made by customers sending an International Money Order. If you would prefer to make payment by sending an International Money Order, please contact us via Email so we can quote you the price of the dolls and the shipping cost by either Air or Surface Mail. We will ship the order to you the same day your International Money Order arrives to our mailing address listed below.
Please send your International Money Order to:
Robin O'Hara
PO BOX 1671
Please click here to see the countries that I have shipped our dolls to so far.

Please click here to use Bloomberg's Currency Calculator in the lower right hand corner of the page. Please pick US for the(convert amount), then input the dollar (amount) of your purchase, and then translate (into) your home country's currency.

International Customers please Click Here for the translation page .
You may use the translator to translate from English to French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese and also from those languages back to English.

Attention International Customers, we must weigh the dolls and determine the shipping costs by both Air and Surface for your country and report these shipping costs to you. It will be your choice as to which method you would prefer us to use. Shipping by Air is more expensive, but the dolls arrive to your destination much faster. Surface Mail is less expensive, but the dolls take longer to arrive at your destination.

All boxes are in very good to excellent condition when shipped (unless otherwise stated). We pack with plenty of packing materials the best we possibly can. Despite the "FRAGILE" designations on the box, the package handlers i.e. post office, UPS etc. do not always handle them with as much care as we would like. For this reason we cannot guarantee that the doll box itself will arrive totally flawless. We do INSURE every Barbie order via the USPS or UPS.

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