Christmas Holiday Barbie

Celebration 2000 Teresa 2000 Special Millennium Edition beautiful brunette doll with gold dress, gold crown, gold necklace and millennium 2000 ball ornament $ 45
Happy Holidays 1997 Happy Holidays brunette, and blonde Barbie Dolls available 1997 Happy Holidays Barbie®Page
Holiday Memories Barbie® 1995, Hallmark long red satin skirt with fancy white over dress and accented with fur cuffs and collar the look of 1910 $ 45
Holiday Traditions Barbie® 1996, Hallmark two-tone maroon dress of velvet and satin pattern material with white faux fur cuffs and collar, gold heart pin on her bodice. Her hat is a maroon pill box type. This is a brunette and she gorgeous. $ 55
Peppermint Princess Barbie® 1994, Winter Princess series peppermint stripes, white faux fur trim, another personal favorite $ 65
Seasons Sparkle Barbie® 2001, Grocery Store Comes with a ring for you, and a necklace for Barbie. $ 25
Victorian Elegance Barbie® 1994, Hallmark Christmas skater, lovely velvet burgandy skating costume, with a coordinating fur muff, fur cuffs and fur hat. She is a brunette with a lovely smile. $ 55
Winter Fantasy Barbie® 1996, Sam's Club brunette Barbie Doll, maroon and black dress with silver $ 40
Winter Rhapsody Barbie® 1996, Avon Exclusive Barbie Doll brunette, long pink, black and gold taffeta gown with a pink velvet Jacket trimmed with white faux fur around her neck and around the sleeves, pink jewel displayed on a gold bow on the front of the dress $ 35
Winter Splendor Barbie® 1998, Avon up swept reddish-blonde hair, black velvet bodice, floor length red "satin" skirt $ 45
Yuletide Romance Barbie® 1996, Hallmark Velvet Green & Gold Gown, enclosed with minature postcards which are authentic replicas of postcards from the early 1900's. Doll has Red Hair with Green eyes $ 45
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*All dolls are blonde unless otherwise noted.

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The Christmas Barbie Dolls listed above are available for immediate purchase: Celebration (Millennium 2000) Teresa, Happy Holidays Barbie, Holiday Memories, Holiday Treasures 2, Holiday Traditions, Holiday Treats, Peppermint Princess, Season's Sparkle, Tree Trimming, Victorian Elegance, Winter Fantasy, Winter Rhapsody, Winter Splendor, and Yuletide Romance Barbie.